??? Why Collect Jesse Ventura Punch-Out Stories, and Why Now???

Well that’s a very good question.

I live in Wisconsin which is very near Minnesota, so I’ve been hearing stories about J.V. punchings for as long as I can remember.  As you may know Mr. Ventura lives in MN and was also in charge of the whole state for a while.  Naturally not everyone agrees with their elected officials representatives all the time, and they’re always getting clobbered by their constituents, but the stories about Ventura beat-downs always appealed to me more than the ones you’d hear about, say, Jim Sensenbrenner getting his chins rattled.  Probably something to do with inter-state rivalry, or possibly the fact that Ventura used to be a professional wrestler as well as a Navy Seal which made the stories more interesting than hearing about another fat politician having his jelly set to jiggling.

But mainly it’s just a vain and pathetic attempt to jump on the bandwagon that started a little while ago when some dude went on tv and took JV-pummeling mainstream.  I could smell fame for myself and possibly fortune.  Never let an opportunity slip by unexploited, I say, whatever it may be.  I am truly an equal-opportunity opportunist.

So that’s why I’m here.  What’s your story?

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