Nation-State of Sudenia Set to Abandon Economic System Based on Tying Knots in Strings

Cites Rise in so-called ‘fiber-crime’ among reason for the switch

The small but influential nation of Sudenia announced today that it was taking the lead in switching its monetary system over to a western-style ‘cash and currency’ based system, abandoning traditional accounting methods such as tying knots in string.

“The knots in strings system served the people of Sudenia for thousands of years” said Mtumbo Djabouti, Minister of Finance and Knot-Tying.  “however, with an ever-faster moving economy, and the alarming fiber-crime epidemic, switching to some new method has become imperative.”

Sudenians at every strata of the society applauded the decision while admitting that the old method will be missed.

“It is really easy to run up to someone and grab their ball of knotted string.  You can even use a rake from a distance.  Trading goods for shells or brightly colored rocks is much safer.  A bag of clam shells is much heavier than a ball of twine, and makes a lot of noise when a thief tries to run away with it, which aids in their capture”.

Added the owner of a small restaurant “This will also help reduce the corruption that is rampant at the higher levels of finance.  The string knot tiers make their money when they tie the knots, and they make money again when they untie the knots.  They don’t want to see the old system end but I say to them ‘go to the see and gather shells.  See what it is like to work for your keep like the masses you’ve kept down for so long with your knots in string’ “.

Representatives from the Large Stone Engraved With Family Histories and Placed in Front of Hut industry declined to comment.

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