Study: Global Warming Linked to CO2 Emissions From Enviro’s Who Talk on and on About Climate Change

Study: Global Warming Increased have been Linked to CO2 Emissions From Environmentalists Who Blather on and on About Climate Change

An alarming new study shows that climate change may be accelerating faster than previously feared– and the damage may be caused by those who are the most aware of the phenomenon and desperate to scare as many others into fearing it too as possible.

The researchers involved in the study set out to create an exhaustive list of the potential sources of greenhouse gases. Alarmingly, air quality samples taken in and around the climate science departments of numerous universities showed that CO2 levels were slightly to moderately higher than surrounding communities. And emissions were highest around the researchers themselves.

The following chart shows that breathing by climate change researchers leads oil and natural gas in CO2 emissions

“We were expecting a 10-15% decrease in the amount of CO2 in the air in certain places where people were making smart choices for the planet. However, all the gains from using ultra-dim lightbulbs and toilets that only flush on every third try were offset by CO2 increases caused by the researchers themselves. Whether in a crowded elevator, on a bus or in the carpool lane, talking on and on about anything, especially global warming, releases excess carbon dioxide that ends up warming the atmosphere.”

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Other somewhat ironic sources of CO2 include applying ‘Go Green’ bumper stickers made in Chinese factories with no emissions standards to the bumpers of their Priuses, and turning on TVs or computers for the purpose of showing Al Gore’s film ‘Inconvenient Truth’, which draws large amounts of power from coal power plants.

A rare upside in the findings was the discovery that while Al Gore himself expelled huge amounts of CO2 narrating the film, the hot air he created has long since dissipated and has long since caused whatever harm it was going to.  Mr. Gore’s current CO2 emissions are now nearly equal to those of the average citizen as he is no longer being invited to speak anywhere, so neither his lungs nor his private jet fleet are excessively polluting the air the rest of us have to breathe.

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