Thousands march in protests, many not sure why

Following a wave of social unrest across Europe as well as an Arab Spring, Americans have finally caught ‘protest fever’.  They come from every walk of life but have so much in common – they’re young, they’re loud, and some of them know why they’re angry.

“I got a tweet from my friend Jason who said he was coming downtown to do so sort of protest march thing, and wanted to know if I’d be there.  I said it sounded like the kind of thing chicks would go to so totally I’m down.”

When asked about her sign reading ‘End the Fed – Bounce Bernanke” a young lady told us she wasn’t sure what it meant, she was holding it for her friend who was in the porta-john.  “She hasn’t worked in like 3 months, and our friend Chad is pretty pissed about the Ozone Laye.  As for me, I guess I’m protesting that we had to park our bikes like six blocks away because of this march.  I should find some cardboard and make a sign”

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