How Best To Honor GEICO Insurance Company For Their Efforts To Promote Woman On Pig Sex?

I need some help from y’all.

By now if you’ve been anywhere near a TV you’ve seen this commercial where GEICO gives honor to the ages-old American tradition of woman on pig romance:

My question to you, dear readers of I Punched Out Jesse Ventura, is this:  How do we honor GEICO for their efforts?  Please use the comments to vote on your favorite idea or suggest your own.

1.  Start a national organization to celebrate human on pig sex.  It could be called the National Porcine Romance Alliance (NPR-All), Pig On Person Sex Association (POPS Ass.) or maybe something else.

2.  Create plush toys shaped like pigs with the words ‘Sex pig.  Brought to you by GEICO.”

3.  Create a yearly award honoring corporations for their responsible depictions of bestiality in media.  I’m thinking of calling it the GEICO Pig Fucker Award.

4.  Suggest an idea!  Comment below.






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