Dr. No Donuts: The Story Behind the Pastry

Originally published on Daily Paul 7-3-12: http://www.dailypaul.com/242955/dr-no-donuts

Congressman Ron Paul is known by many in politics as ‘Dr. No’, but inside the home he is known as ‘Dr. Donut’!

He and his wife, Carol, have been cooking up a storm for decades, even famously producing a Paul Family Cookbook. One favorite creation of theirs, an open ‘secret family recipe’, has been a staple for 3 generations: Dr. No’s Donuts.

Nicknamed ‘Do-Nots!’ or ‘No-Nos’ by some of the grandchildren, they are as familiar to them as a Christmas tree. (It’s even rumored that “No No!” may even have been son [and now Senator] Rand’s first words)!

view a tasty assortment of ‘Dr. No’s’ Donuts here:

Packed full of down-home country goodness, a Paul family member rarely goes a day without one of Dr. No’s famous Donuts. Though they aren’t for sale, any ‘Paul’ will be happy to give you one anytime you like. “I’ll give you a no anywhere I go!” sing a few of the children.

But if you can’t wait to get a ‘No-nut’ from a friendly Paul family member, the recipe is freely available on the Congressman’s Texas Straight Talk website.

At your next city council, school board, or public safety meeting, you’ll be long remembered for bringing a box of your own homemade ‘No-nos’ for everyone to share!

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