Homeland Security Orders 40,000 Pink Bullets For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month, and the United States Department of Homeland Security…


Edward Snowden Signs Spokesperson Deal With Leak Ender 2000®

(For Immediate Release)

“I am happy and excited to join the Leak Ender 2000 family”

Novosibirsk, Russia (August 18, 2013) – Best Buys Direct, the parent company of Leak Ender 2000® ( https://www.buyleakender.com/ ) is proud to announce today that it has signed a 3-year contract with NSA whistleblower and acknowledged leak expert Edward Snowden to be the official spokesperson for its flagship product, Leak Ender 2000®, for its planned expansion into Russia and the Baltic States.

Mr. Snowden’s duties will include promotional stops throughout the land, appearances in television advertisements on some of Russia’s most popular television channels such as Первый Канал and Россия 1, and being a major presence at the 22nd Winter Olympics, which are scheduled to take place 7 to 23 February 2014, in Sochi, Russia.

“I am happy and excited to join the Leak Ender 2000 family” said Mr. Snowden in his first official statement as company spokesperson, “I have been diligently learning the beautiful Russian language since I first arrived in this glorious country, so please bear with me as I say, ‘Есть утечки? Целью она быстро с Leak Ender 2000®!'”

“We have providence to thank for this partnership” stated company president Lee Kender at the companies Wayne, New Jersey headquarters, “we had previously been working on a 5-year plan to expand into Russia in the year 2018. However, with the recent unexpected and unprecedented sale of 1.6 billion bottles of Leak Ender 2000® to a single customer in the United States we are now in the happy position of being able to start the expansion right away. With Mr. Snowden’s presence as the face of Leak Ender 2000® in Russia we now look forward to great success!”

Media inquiries are advised to contact the company directly:
Dept. #CG1000
P.O. Box 450
Wayne, NJ 07474