Three Questions for Dr. Paul


Good afternoon, Dr. Paul. Are you ready for your your 3 questions sir?

Ron Paul:

Lay it in me bro.


Can I get you some water, coffee or something?

Ron Paul:

Water’s for wimps. I’m an athlete.


Fair enough. OK, last question then:

Q.3(a-c): Given that the American Revolution of 2012 will largely be a restoration of the Constitution as the supreme law of the land; Do you feel that it would be yours, or any president’s duty, or right, to restore the 9th or 10th amendments directly, or to direct such a restoration, or should a reclaiming of state’s rights be entirely at the discretion of the state/people/marketplace?

(Ron Paul’s Answer.)


Thanks for the time, Representative Paul. Promise me you’ll enjoy the rest of your time here in Wisconsin, OK?

Ron Paul:

I’m not answering any more questions Chris.

(please note this interview never happened yet).

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