What to Say When Someone Says A Vote for Paul is a Wasted Vote

I tell them they have it backwards: a vote for the ‘presumptive winner’ in an election is the wasted vote, not the other way around.

Simply, if Romney is going to win anyway, why bother taking the effort to drive to the polling place etc.? Heck, if Romney et al does win you ‘winning team bandwagon jumpers’ can still claim you voted for the winner and get to join in the fun like with Obama in ’08.

If someone tells you they’re voting Romney, suggest to them they go home and get a nap in since their boss has to let them leave work and go ‘somewhere’ on voting day…

Am I being devious or just too honest?

P.S. Bart Simpson had a similar experience when he lost the class president race by a vote of 1 to 0 when even he couldn’t bother to make the effort. Ha ha.

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