Many Garcia told me a story on September 19 of this year:

I punched Jesse Ventura when I was 15.
I was in a mall, wasting time feeling miserable with my friends, looking all the vanity and consumerism of the unlearned people, when Jesse Ventura, dressed as a mariachi, went out of a mexican restaurant where he was playing the guitarrón in the band, and looking at me he said that my mom was so fat that the last time she farted, she destroyed a five city and the tons of ash and dust raised 30,000 feet and expanded through the whole atmosphere, blocking Sun’s light and heat and causing a global ice age. Naturally, I took offense, and after approaching in style and calmly removing my silky glove I summoned all my manliness to punch him right in the chin, where I left engraved a fleur-de-lis mark from my ring and that is proof of what I’m saying. Pushing himself up with his hands and recovering verticality he said “fair enough”, and left.

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  1. Many accept my apologies for taking so long to post this – obviously it wasn’t to go fact-checking or anything like that since I don’t do my people that way – I was just busy.

    -Peace and punch a Ventura anytime you get a chance.


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