Legal Marijuana Blamed for Munchie Shortages in Colorado, Washington

A combination of inclement weather, football frenzy, and legal weed have led to munchie shortages across both states. ‘High In The Sky’ reporter Chris Cudnoski reports

Fewer than 10 days to go before Super Bowl XXXXVIII, football fans nationwide are scrambling to stock up on their favorite munchies, while blaming legal marijuana smokers in CO and WA state for shortages.

With lines wrapping around the block in some areas, local residents are making do with rationed supplies of Doritos, pork rinds, and single 12-pack Mountain Dew purchases.

“It’s those damn hippies and their weed what caused the ruckus” said one resident, waiting patiently in his car, hoping to fill a cart full of Cheetos single-serve packages. “This is a line for munchies?” stated another man wearing a rasta cap “I just need tickets to the Phish concert.”